Kristen Leigh auctions limited was established in 2014. Our purpose to launching our site was to promote a missing opportunity. There are many auctions houses in the UK, but very few that sell a lot of American memorabilia. We have found that market, and our main categories we concentrate on are vintage photographs, American sports and American toys and comics. We also sell high end watches, jewellery, historical signature cuttings and contemporary to modern art and generally have a few auctions listed monthly.

We have a large amount of repeat buyers and consigners that have inherited estates, private collections and photographs direct from the artists including photography by Bill Ray (whose most famous for the 1962 photo of Marilyn Monroe at John F Kennedy’s birthday bash), André De Dienes (Famous for early photographs of Marilyn, obtained from The Kim Goodwin collection) and Bert Stern who became most famous for the last sittings of Marilyn Monroe in 1962.

Over the years, our enthusiasm has never waivered. Being in a position where every day is different and one never knows what is going to come through the door.

We deal with the client services for consigners and buyers managing all of the office and administration systems, and running a well oiled machine, from back office systems, pre-auction, auction day and post-auction processes.

We have a vast catalogue of results we rely upon to give accurate estimates and operate one of the fairest operations in the business to buyers and sellers. We have a fast turn around on email enquiries and don’t levy a charge of commission on lots that haven’t met reserve, and don’t charge lotting fees. We aim to post lots quickly and every customer is notified of the tracking information of the UK courier and of the courier in their country so they can monitor their parcel’s delivery.